Kenneth Czoer, PG

Principle Geologist

Education: B.S. Geology, 1979, University of Cincinnati, M.S. Geology 1982, University of Cincinnati

Professional Certifications: Professional Geologist: Florida #202; Georgia #991; South Carolina 1025; North Carolina 1288; Tennessee TN 2879; Kentucky 0431.

OSHA: 40 Health and Safety 8 hour Supervisor

Professional Experience:  Mr. Czoer has 30 years experience in senior management of assessment and remediation of soil and ground water contamination. He provides senior oversight for all projects involving Applied Science personnel.

Significant Work Experience: Mr. Czoer has worked in 10 southeastern states throughout his 30 year career. This work has included Site Assessment and Remedial Action plan formulation and implementation. In addition to his technical background, Mr. Czoer also has experience in gas station design and construction together with experience in remedial action implementation.

In 1999-2000, Mr. Czoer was an invited speaker for US-EPA seminars in Pay-For-Performance cleanup methodology in several states. This work lead to the presentation of a seminar in the economics and techniques for this cleanup approach at the National Ground Water Association meeting in 2000.

Throughout his career, Mr. Czoer has served as an expert witness for numerous contamination-related lawsuits.

John Blanchard, P.E., R.E.M.

Senior Professional Engineer

Education: B.S. Civil Engineering, 1984, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, M.S. Civil Engineering, 1992, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, Maryland.

Professional Certifications: Licensed Professional Engineer – Florida #65038, Georgia #18141, Maryland #18141. Registered Environmental Manager – National Registry of Environmental Professionals. OSHA 40-Hour Health and Safety Training and 8-Hour Refresher Training.

Professional Affiliations: National Society of Professional Engineers, National Registry of Environmental Professionals.

Professional Experience: Mr. Blanchard has managed soil and groundwater investigations, remedial actions, and operation & maintenance projects for the U.S. EPA, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and private clients. He has prepared site assessment reports, remedial action plans, pilot test plans, O&M plans and reports. He is experienced with air sparge/soil vapor extraction, biosparging, groundwater pump & treat, in-situ chemical oxidation, excavation, and free product removal projects. In addition, Mr. Blanchard has prepared Phase I Environmental Assessments, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requests, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), and Health & Safety Plans.

His extensive environmental experience as both a regulator and consultant, combined with his technical expertise, make him a valuable member of the Applied team.


  • “Construction Cost Variations at Superfund Sites”
  • EPA Engineering Forum Issue Paper: “Soil Vapor Extraction Implementation Experiences”
  • EPA Engineering Forum Issue Paper: “Thermal Desorption Implementation Experiences”

Lori Walton-Jaquays

Marketing Director

Education: B.S. Biology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Professional Certifications: National Institute of Storage Tank Management Certification.

Professional Experience: Mrs. Jaquays has more than 10 years of environmental industry experience with developing a client base and business planning. Mrs. Jaquays has extensive knowledge of the petroleum storage tank rules of the state of Florida and how they affect station owners. Mrs. Jaquays also has experience in working as a project manager to ensure project flow efficiently and effectively.

For the past 9 years she has assisted petroleum marketers and gas station owners by working with them to develop project budgets, schedule field activities, and timely reporting. She is always striving to maintain the clients’ best interests.

In addition to her efforts on behalf of Applied’s clients, she is well versed in utilizing the State of Florida Databases for researching a site’s history to assist in determining the next course of action to best suit the needs of our client.

Katherine Buzby, Stacy Schaible, David Sweeney, and Daphanee Waters

Project Managers